I qualified as a teacher in the late 1970s, and taught art (full-time) at secondary school level for many years. Since then, I have also taught adults, and currently teach art to small groups of children for an hour after school at my studio in Clapham. They get to use a variety of media including watercolour, acrylics, charcoal, pastel and ink, but as a passionate printmaker with a fully-equipped studio, I also encourage them to experiment with printmaking. The children have supervised access to a large printing press, which inspires many of them to produce some amazing images.

We look at artists, past and present. One such artist Emily Carr, who had an exhibition at the Dulwich PictureGallery. Using the London skyline as their subject matter, the children studied her paintings and then produced their own interpretations on a brown paper background, in a style similar to hers.  Other projects include still-life, portraits, wildlife and landscape, all designed to stimulate their imaginations and encourage their creativity.